Relaxation Treatments
"Some of our treatments have funny names but that is just because we like to make you smile but we take relaxing you very seriously..."The Lounge Beauty and Wellbeing Relaxation Treatments

Cloud Nine

Combining all of our holistic therapies into one. This is the ultimate body treatment and involves hot stone massage, to the back of the body, aromatherapy massage to the legs and arms and the choice of scalp and face massage or reflexology on the feet.
90 minutes: £97

Float Away...

Soothing full body massage incorporating warm stones.
Full body treatment, using warmed stones and hands on massage, this deeply relaxing therapy is 7 times more beneficial than hands on massage alone. Particularly good for tight muscles and stiff joints.
90 minutes: £84
Back massage incorporating warm stones
45 minutes: £49


Includes a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage and a refreshing facial... pure bliss.
60 minutes: £56

Peace & Quiet

Born as a way to uplift and unwind during a pandemic, this treatment includes a uplifting foot cleanse, back cleanse and exfoliation, back, neck and shoulder massage and a foot and ankle massage. Deeply relaxing and recharging.


Working on pressure points that relate to other areas of the body, this wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic foot treatment, includes a soothing foot and ankle massage.
45 minutes: £47

Relaxing Head Massage

Includes massage to the scalp, face, neck and shoulders, very relaxing and particularly soothing for headaches, sinus congestion and jaw tension.
30 minutes: £35
60 minutes: £55

Hopi Ear Candles

A relaxing treatment good for treating sinus congestion, blocked ears and headaches. Includes a decongesting face massage.
60 minutes: £51

Full Body Massage

Using a combination of massage techniques tailored to your needs.
60 minutes: £55
75 minutes: £67

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes: £34
45 minutes: £45
Please note: All new clients will be required to complete and sign a consultation form disclosing any medical condition or prescribed medication that may affect any treatment – if in doubt we ask that you consult your doctor and obtain written confirmation that the treatment/ingredients in products will not have any detrimental effect.
For your convenience you can download the form here and complete it prior to your appointment.